Mat Goggin Foundation-MGF

The Mat Goggin Foundation (MGF) is a Charitable Scholarship Trust, supporting Tasmanian youth with scholarship assistance for furthering their education.

In August 2009 the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) endorsed the (MGF) as a deductible gift recipient after the ATO recognised that the Foundation is delivering something uniquely special to school age Tasmanians 15 - 19 years old. It is hoped that this endorsement status will be a means to generate significant scholarship money in the years ahead, all funds of which will be used to reward young entrepreneurial people.

Mat Goggin brings to Hobart and Tasmania a profile that helps this small island State be seen in an accepted international context.

Through his performance as a PGA Tour golf professional (the worlds toughest and most challenging golf tour) he brings an interest to his home, boosting civic pride whilst demonstrating that Tasmanians achieve great things at the highest possible level.

The mission of the Mat Goggin Foundation (MGF) is to instil self belief in Tasmanian youth. In that mission the MGF wants to help young people to pursue their dreams via scholarships for education through entrepreneurship.

Visit the Mat Goggin Foundation website via the link below for more information.


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Mat Goggin Foundation-MGF

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Mat Goggin Foundation-MGF
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