ONE HD is any Tasmanian sport fans one stop channel for non-stop, 24-hour sports coverage.

ONE HD is Network Tens new 24-hour free-to-air sports channel, presenting sport LIVE - whatever time of the day or night the event occurs, in whichever part of Australia or the world it occurs, as well as replays in prime time to increase its availability and whet your appetite for action.

ONE HD is available in High Definition on (digital) Channel 1 and Standard Definition on (digital) Channel 12. If you have a High Definition television all you need to do is flick to Channel 1. If you have a Standard Definition digital television simply turn to Channel 12.

If you are not sure if your TV is Digital, test it out by flicking to Channel 12 on your TV. If your television is NOT digital, viewing ONE HD will require the purchase of a digital set-top box - allowing viewing of Channel 12 in Standard Definition.

Cable Foxtel subscribers on Standard Definition packages can view ONE HD on Channel 531. For more information please contact Foxtel.


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