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Plentyoffish is 100% Free - No Charges Ever!

500,000 people found a relationship on in 2006. Over 100 People log in per second! is a 100% FREE online dating site, and is constantly improving based on your feedback. You will notice everything on this online dating site is done so that you can quickly meet people you have personally selected.

Also, we are the only major dating site that allows our single users to block messages from whole groups of other users they arent interested in. No other dating site does this. They wouldnt restrict matching groups because that restricts their chances of making money from you.

Money? Who Cares I am well aware that could make millions of dollars per month as a subscription service. Howe'ver, this dating site wasnt created to mine users pocketbooks. is here to make a difference and help people find "the one".

It was created by members spreading the word about it, and is FOR the members.


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Plentyoffish | Tasmania 

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Plentyoffish | Tasmania
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