Historical Sights & Sounds

Local places of historical importance including locations, events, festival, open days, re-enactments and rallies.

 ◉ Brookfield Margate
Brookfield Margate comprises a Tudor Village, German Model Train World, Daisy Chain Crafts, Brookfield Cafe and Homeland Delights (Gift Shop). Homeland Delights Netherlands, German, English and South Afric ..

 ◉ Franklin House
Franklin House was built by former convict and successful businessman Britton Jones, and is notable for its rich use of imported Australian Red Cedar. Extended to accommodate one of the colonys leading priva ..

Franklin House
413 - 419 Hobart Rd
 ◉ National Trust of Australia
The National Trusts are Australia’s leading conservation organisations. Our mission, which started with the conservation of historic Sydney architecture, has grown to include natural, Indigenous and cultural ..

National Trust of Australia
 ◉ Port Arthur Historic Site
The Port Arthur Historic Site is one of Australias most important heritage sites and tourist destinations. Located on the scenic Tasman Peninsula in the south east of Tasmania, it offers a unique and essent ..

Port Arthur Historic Site
Arthur Highway
 ◉ Port Arthur | Day Tours
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
There is far more to see and do at the Port Arthur Historic Sites than you can fit into a couple of hours. Staying a night or two in the area will give you time to experience our Historic Ghost Tour, dine a ..

 ◉ Runnymede
Runnymede is a rare 19th century whaling familys home, named after Captain Charles Bayleys favourite ship, and home to the family for more than 100 years. The house contains rich collections of material rela ..

61 Bay Rd