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◉ Alternate Dimensions
Alternate Dimensions
112 Elizabeth Street Launceston
Alternate Dimensions is a comics and popular culture shop in Launceston. We are at 112 Elizabeth Street and welcome anyone to drop by and have a chat about all things geeky. We have comics, graphic novels,

03 63317690Alternate Dimensions
112 Elizabeth Street
◉ Area 52-Popular Culture Company
Area 52-Popular Culture Company
90 - 92 Liverpool St Hobart
Area 52 - Popular Culture Company is a comic and popular culture store located upstairs of 90 - 92 Liverpool St Hobart. Area 52 is your local resource for comics (Aus, US, UK, Anime), action figures,

03 6231 0271Area 52-Popular Culture Company
90 - 92 Liverpool St
◉ Co-op Bookshop-University of Tasmania
Co-op Bookshop-University of Tasmania
Churchill Ave Sandy Bay
The Co-op Bookshop is the largest provider of educational, professional and lifelong learning resources in Australia, With over 40 branches across Australia. The Co-op Bookshop offers numerous additio

03 6224 2614Co-op Bookshop-University of Tasmania
Churchill Ave
◉ Dymocks Hobart
Dymocks Hobart
70 Murray St Hobart
Dymocks Hobart are passionate about books, offering superior customer service and an enhanced book buying experience. Dymocks in-store marketing and merchandising initiatives provide a highly differen

03 6231 6656Dymocks Hobart
70 Murray St
◉ Kavenga Publishing
Kavenga Publishing
Abels Bay
Kavenga Publishing offer Australian personalised books that put you or your child in the story. From the Outback, the Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, YOU are the hero and YOUR name will appear on

Kavenga Publishing
◉ Koorong
31 Criterion St Hobart
Koorong is a family owned company operating stores across Australia. From the beginning, Koorong has remained committed to spreading Gods Word and building up the body of Christ by providing an extensive ran

03 6234 0577Koorong
31 Criterion St
◉ Stories Bookshop
Stories Bookshop
160 Cimitiere St Launceston
Stories Bookshop and Cafe is located in Launceston and is open from Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm. Stories Bookshop and Cafe stocks all the latest releases, and if they

03 6331 5716Stories Bookshop
160 Cimitiere St